News Items

Environmental Stewardship Day Proclamation 4/17/2014

PLC Collegiate Scholarship Program 2/14/2014

2015 Call for Nominations - Leopold Conservation Award 1/712014

2013 Winter Roundup, "Succeeding in an Industry of Opportunity" 11/20/13

Grazing Permittees urged to Support the Public Lands Council with their Financial Contribution 10/30/13

Help Relief Efforts for South Dakota and Neighboring States by Donating 10/18/2013

Governor proclaims Wyoming Environmental Stewardship Day 4/22/13

Public Lands Council offers Washington update 3/12/13

Dennis Sun named chairman of Wyoming Public Lands Coalition 3/11/13

Wyoming ranchers named to national association offices 2/13/13

Padlock Ranch named Leopold Conservation Award winner 2/12/13

Wyo. Leopold Conservation Award seeks nominees 12/18/12

WSGA applauds wolf delisting, urges responsible hunting 9/28/12

Encana continues partnership with WSGA to tell Wyoming rural stories 8/24/12


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Padlock Ranch

Wayne & Judy Fahsholtz

Dustin Van Liew

Public Lands Council Logo

Dennis Sun

NCBA Leadership (see article above for cutline)

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Progressive Cattlemen - 10/18/2013

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WSGA CCAA/CCA Educational Program Additional Information

Contact Inforamtion

Contact information can be found on page 31 of the "A Landowner's Approach to Greater Sage-Grouse Umbrella CCAA for Wyoming Ranch Management"

Participating Agencies

Bureau of Land Management
Natural Resources Conservation Service
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
USDA Forest Service
Wyoming Assoc. of Conservation Districts
Wyoming Department of Agriculture
Wyoming Game & Fish Department
Wyoming Governor’s Office


Acronyms and Definitions

CCA—Candidate Conservation Agreement
CCAA—Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances
CM—Conservation Measure
ESA—Endangered Species Act
EOS—Enhancement of Survival
PA—Participating Agency
FWS—U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Avoid—Used in the context of the CCAA, avoid is to “minimize impacts from an action to the maximum extent possible.” It does not infer that a specific action will never occur.

Conservation Measures—Specific management actions that directly benefit a species or its habitat.
Enhancement of Survival

Permit—The permit issued under a CCAA that authorizes incidental and intentional take associated with the land uses and conservation measures covered by the CCAA.

Incidental Take—The take of a species listed under the ESA that is incidental to, and not the purpose of, carrying out an otherwise lawful activity.


Sage Grouse

WSGA CCAA/CCA Educational Program

A Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances (CCAA) is a voluntary agreement between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and a private landowner whereby private landowners agree to manage their lands to remove or reduce threats to species at risk of being listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

An enrolled landowner’s individual CCAA ensures that ongoing private land operations and any additional covered activities described in the umbrella CCAA may continue and the landowner receives incidental take coverage under the ESA for covered activities if greater sage-grouse are listed.

Information and Resources

A Letter to You From WSGA

Greater Sage-Grouse Umbrella CCAA For Wyoming Ranch Management - BLM

CCAA Landowner Informational Flyer

A Landowner's Approach to Greater Sage-Grouse Umbrella CCAA for Wyoming Ranch Management By: Leanne Correll

Landowner Handbook for Greater Sage-Grouse Umbrella CCAA for Wyoming Ranch Management By: David Willms

Working Lands for Wildlife - Sage Grouse (NRCS SGI Program)

CCA/BLM Information

The BLM CCA here provides an outline for what will be developed on an allotment-level basis with permittees/lessees who request a CCA. This outline is a dynamic document that may change over time as more is learned in the process. The individual allotment-level CCA will contain the appropriate site-specific information chosen from this outline.

Greater Sage-Grouse Candidate Conservation Agreement for Range Management on Bureau of Land Management Lands in Wyoming

BLM Guidance and Support for Developing CCA

CCAA/CCA Forms and Templates

Appendix B Form - Wyoming Sage-Grouse Umbrella CCAA Information Screen

Appendix C Form - Wyoming Sage-Grouse Individual CCAA Application

Appendix D Form - Sample Annual Individual CCAA Report

Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit Application Form

Freedom of Information Act Withholding Document

Meeting Dates

August 2014

13th - Wyoming Livestock Roundup Cattleman's Conference at Douglas during the State Fair 1-4:30 pm

September 2014

3rd - Area V Conservation District Meeting Star Valley Community Center, Etna 9:00 am - Afton

5th - Area III Conservation District Meeting 9:00 am - Worland at Firenze Italian Steakhouse        

10th - Area I Conservation District Meeting HF Bar Ranch, Buffalo 9:00 am - Buffalo

10th - Saratoga-Encampment-Rawlins Conservation District Sage-Grouse Workshop Platte Valley Community Center in Saratoga 6:00 - 8:00 PM

11th - Area II Conservation District Meeting Vimbo's Dusty Boots, Wheatland 9:00 am - Wheatland

12th - Area IV Conservation Disctrict Meeting 9:00 am - Medicine Bow   

15th - Hot Springs County Conservation District Sage-Grouse Workshop/Meeting Thermopolis 5-8:00 pm

15th - Thermopolis change of time to 6 to 8pm and location is Big Horn Federal Community Room - west entrance downstairs

23rd - Uinta County Conservation District Sage-Grouse Workshop - District Office in Lyman 7:00 - 8:30

24th - Popo Agie Conservation District Sage-Grouse Workshop - Lander Fire Hall 7-9 pm